Rack ovens

Glowing impression, first-class workmanship, extremely robust - the premium rack ovens from WACHTEL impress with a whole range of outstanding product characteristics. In particular respect of baking quality, our rack ovens set the standards that are persuasive all round. Available as classic oil-/gas-fired version or electrically heated - find the ideal oven for your needs.


The world novelty. The master of alle classes

WACHTEL rack ovens: outstanding quality and innovative technologies

When it comes to a high-quality rack oven for your store, WACHTEL is the manufacturer of choice. Our products are designed with long service life in mind. All our ovens are designed for reliability in continuous use over long operating periods. Each of our rack ovens is therefore based on a thick and stable base plate in stainless steel. High-temperature parts are made using heat-resistant stainless steel alloys.

The standard baking chamber height of 2000 mm is sufficient for all sizes of transport rack. This means that up to 20 trays with a spacing of 84 mm can be accommodated on a small floor area. The gas-tight, welded walls of the baking chamber guarantee a high level of safety and long life. The robust, energy-saving door features dual locking, a steel frame and an internal door unlocking mechanism. Meanwhile the generous, double-glazed front window provides optimum visibility into the oven.

Also integrated into our rack ovens is a high-performance cascaded steam unit. The large-scale evaporator surface can generate an even body of steam in ample volumes at any time. An optional flowmeter also allows for the precision configuration of water quantity for the steam injection.

All operating and service elements of the unit can be accessed easily and unhindered from the front, from above or from within through the baking chamber. Should you wish to begin baking quickly, without a long pre-flush, the quick-start burner, available in the  R-EVOLUTION models, may be an option of interest. You can also make energy savings of up to 11 % here.

Rack ovens: profitability and versatility for premium bakery outlets

A rack oven gives you increased  efficiency and flexibility right there in your bakery store. A baking trolley allows you to conveniently load and unload stacked baking trays in one working step, making handling particularly easy. Rack ovens operate on the convection principle, in other words, on the basis of circulating hot air.

This circulating baking atmosphere is ideally suited to rolls and folded pastries such as croissants. It also gives you the option of baking all types of small and ready-made goods or large loaves - no problem! This means that a rack oven offers exceptional flexibility of use. A further advantage is the high level of repeatability offered.

With a rack oven you always obtain consistent results and an unmistakably high quality of baking. Our R-EVOLUTION rack oven does not use convection alone for heat transfer but combine this with a special patented technology. This is a combination of convection and radiated heat with a particularly high infra-red component. Known as Infrared-Ceramic-Technology (ICT), this gives your products even more taste and aroma. This accelerated yet softer form of heat transfer offers increased reliability for your processes and adds greater range to your product assortment.

A rack oven is lastly a substantial boost to the profitability of your enterprise. It allows you to bake in a relatively small space with a relatively low energy consumption.  Moreover, the R-EVOLUTION rack oven can secure you a further 30 % in potential energy savings in comparison with conventional rack ovens.

Our new rack oven ATLAS has our new patented steam recovery system ECO MULTI STEAM. You can save up to 30% water.


The ATLAS is THE Allround-Talent. The ground-breaking technology used in this icon heralds a new era of rack ovens. Everything has all been optimised for ultimate efficiency. The patented steam recovery system saves up to 30% water. The two-stage burner enables the oven to work at various power levels, so that bakers can best respond to the requirements of a variety of baked goods, while also saving an abundance of energy. The ENERGY MANAGER, a new feature built into the IQ TOUCH, provides information on past and expected energy and water consumption. Clear reports on operating costs and forecasts can be viewed on the control's screen. The ATLAS also boasts a completely new and style-defining design: All-round cladding is combined with high-gloss jet black, large glass elements and state-of-the-art LED technology. The sophisticated door design with the easy-open door, door stop and tool-free pane opening further enhances the modern look of the ATLAS along with its improved user ergonomics.

Custom solutions for all requirements

To meet all the needs of a bakery, we offer you: the ATLAS.  Each model features dependable, tried-and-tested oven technology together with its own specific features. The oven can also be fitted with optional extras. You thus obtain full flexibility together with exactly the functions and facilities that are important for your activities.